RAID Degraded After new Disc Inserted

Hello Community,

I just have installed a new Disk, replacing the old failed disc (WD RED 4.0 Tb) and the situation is the following:

  • 2 Red leds are static (My Cloud is still accesible)
  • The information on Disk 1 is still ok (i have accessed the WD My Cloud with the WD Desktop)
  • Storage Tab shows RAID Degraded

I have run the Disk Tools (Tests) to try to solve this but nothing has happened. I am not sure if i still have to wait till the situation improves automatically or shall i shutdown the My cloud.
Several Reboots have happened from time to time but i have left it now alone.

Any help?

In the dashboard raid tabs there is a switch that enable the automatic repair when a new disk is inserted, check if it’s enable or manual rebuild it

Thank you Simone for your quick answer!

The Auto Rebuild is set to on. I haven’t moved that. Not sure if i had to after the insertion of the new disk.
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should be automatic then, it’s strange, open a case to WD and good luck

How do i do that?


I never understood how to open a ticket. Can you guide me step by step?
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try here

Choose RMA

Hi Simone,

I did something easier. The main problem was the following:

  1. The discs failed because they had a temperature excessively higher than normal operations. This was caused because the EX2 was placed in a small place, with no ventilation.
  2. I moved all the information to other storage media and then, i did the following
    a) Restore to the default
    b) Broke the raid and enabled JBOD
    c) Formatted
    d) Enabled Raid 1 ensuring the error disappeared
    e) Ran a Scan and copied all the info back
  3. I did a final Full Test to ensure everything was fine and to my expectations no errors were found.

So bottom line here is to understand a heating problem can also cause a Raid malfunction, with (at the moment) no recovery. But the good news is that i did not need to return the drive(s).
Thanks again and hope this helps other users.


Did I hear anyone mumble “stupid lack of fan speed control” under their breath?

Nope. I am plainly saying that this devices do not tolerate no ventilation spaces, which of course is basic for every device that consumes/produces energy/heat to work properly. On the other half, it is my understanding the EX2 doesn’t have a fan. I never heard any fan spinning and the dashboard says zero.


Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a criticism, more of a slightly “tongue-in-cheek” satirical reference to the numerous calls from other users, who have had exactly the same issue, for WD to put some proper fan control settings into the Dashboard. Stuff such as proper live reporting of the fan speed, ability to set fan speed/temperature thresholds etc.

If they did that you and other users wouldn’t have been in this situation.

The EX2 DOES have a fan - there are some command in another thread which you can issue when logged in via SSH to make it do things. It just seems WD prefer to cook the drives.

Anyway my EX2 is going back for a refund - the firmware has way too many bugs and stupid behaviours (fan speed, LEDs in sleep mode etc) and WD are just not interested. So they’ve lost another customer and QNAP will gain one.


Thanks for your comments. I understood it as a pun more or less. But you are right, the people behind the programming of the software is not very enthusiastic in correcting bugs. How come the new version has not come up yet, with all the many complaints. I am actually happy with the device, i will let it some more time and then move. There is this synalogic or something company that does pretty much the same.
I opened another thread to understand how to configure PLEX with this. My idea is to share the home movies with families who are leaving abroad or in other cities.
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New version? Do you mean the much advertised OS3?

If so which version firmware is your EX2 running? If it is running v2.10.310 then that, as far as anyone can determine, IS OS3. No one from WD has come out with either a clear definition of how to determine if you are on OS3 or not, or clearly stated that of the firmware is NOT OS3.

v2.10.310 seems decidedly buggy and to boot they’ve changed the behaviour of the front panel LEDs when in power save/sleep mode from something which made sense, to something which nobody likes or can fathom the reason of. Worse, they seem set on ignoring customers and not changing it back.