Help regarding using WD My Cloud share link with FSTP

Hi, I’ve been using My Cloud for a year with FSTP with the help of the posts below in WD Community.

As well as using FSTP, I’ve also been using the WD My Cloud desktop application that lets you create a sharelink for the files you’ve uploaded on your NAS. With this, I was able to share files with other people while hosting the file on my NAS instead of using Dropbox. With the links generated prior to, I was able to make the link function by erasing the “:9091” (the port) part from the link.
Eg) (I would remove the :9091 section)

After updating the desktop application to, the share link changed and now I cannot make the link function anymore.
An example of the current share link is this:

Does anyone know why the share link function from the WD My Cloud desktop application is not working when the NAS is changed to enable FSTP? Is there a way to fix this?


Are you using the latest firmware or an older firmware?

I was using the firmware before the lastest update, but updated it to the latest firmware to see if it fixed the problem as well.
Currently, I am using the latest firmware as of now. (Firmware: WDMyCloud v04.04.02-105)