Help pls: My Cloud Home is offline

I have created a customer support case: 220727-002499 for this issue.

Finding on July 25 2022, my Cloud Home is not access-able, the light is flashing slowly (breath lighting). and then I restarted it but it doesn’t change.

Both Web, Mobile and WD Discovery shows “Offline”.

I am able to see there is a IP address assigned to My Cloud Home box and I am able to ping it with response, but I can not connect.

I call the customer support but I didn’t get any useful suggestion of how to fix it - the support guy just told me that my Cloud Home has problem - but don’t know how to fix it?!!!

Can someone help me to understand from the backend service - why is my Cloud home offline? how can I fix it? - I have all my data on it. thanks

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User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

Thanks - but this doesn’t solve my problem. can anyone suggest how to restore my data please? thanks


So, you read the User Manual, looked at LEDs and what the slow flashing LED represents and found nothing to help? Have you already tried a reset of your device?

Do you live near a Best Buy? Why don’t you call the Geek Squad and get their help?

Hi @cat0w, thanks for your reply.

Yes, I tried the 45 seconds reset, but the box keeping flashing for several hours (> 4 hours) already and it doesn’t restore.

No, I am in China mainland - we don’t have Best Buy here.

I had the same problem, device is offline. Tried everything the support ask me to do.
I had strobe blink on my cloud home. My ticket was -.

Support told me to get data recovery to retrieve my files.
By the way, I am from Singapore.
Any advice from anyone? Badly needed.

Why did you delete my post? Do you have discrimination based on nationality?
My cloud home doesn’t work for me. The web version shows that the device is offline, support is not responding. I did everything as described in the instructions, nothing helps. My application 220805-003839