HELP! No Connection to My Network

My network can detect other computer and was having fine connection with my WD my cloud. I don’t know what changed and started having intermittent connection. To solve this problem, I did a systems only restart. At first, it was still intermittent connection then no connection.

I don’t see WD my cloud show up on my network and I can’t access my WD dashboard anymore through

No LED light on the front of the device, but flashing green light at the back, which tells me the drive is still on. ​

When you have lost the connection have you rebooted your router? This should reconnect all devices unless there is another problem.

Have you changed anything in your network recently? Router? ISP?
Check your connected devices table in your router; see if there is an entry for the MyCloud. If not, reboot the router.
Try a different router port.
Try a different ethernet cable.

Hi @cat0w,

I just rebooted my modem and WD cloud is still not showing up.

Any other ideas?

Who is your internet provider and can you tell us more about your setup, example is, What Modem do you have, Router you have and how ever thing is set up? What computer and Operating System do you have?

Have you tried my suggestions?