HELP! New location / internet provider - my cloud stops working

I set my “My Cloud” up and had no issues. Then we moved to a new apartment (with new provider/IP address/etc) - Now I can’t access the “My Cloud” even if it’s hard wired to my computer. I really don’t want to wipe and start again; especially because we have to move in another 6 months and do the same thing all over again.

Thank you for your help-

Is it possible your network ip addresses have changed?
Did you have DHCP set for the MC, or did you manually assign it addresses?
What is the name of the device? Can you see the device under Network from Windows Explorer?
Can you ping the device?
What is the color of the LED on the front of the device?
Is the LAN port on the back of the MC flashing after you connect the cable?
Have you tried resetting the device?

My network ip address has definitely changed. I’m not sure what DHCP means, but I did not manually assign anything.
I can see my device through Firefox (I’m not on windows), but I can’t back-up to the device from my computer and I cannot add new things to the device.
LED is blue.
There are two lights next to the LAN - green is flashing, orange is solid.
I didn’t want to wipe the device to lose everything, but I might have to. Yes, I did reset. I am downloading an update now to see if that helps.

I think it’s the new network that’s messing it up, but I don’t know how to fix.