Help! My Passport Ultra not recognized

Hi everybody, I have a My Passport Ultra 3TB and a My Passport 4TB as well.
I’ve plugged them to my ASUS laptop (Win 10) but 0 response, this is a first for me.
I’ve tried looking for solutions online and the Drives don’t show up on disk management or device management.
Now here’s where it gets more confusing to me, I can say for sure the external disks aren’t damaged or dead because I’ve plugged them to our other ASUS laptop at home and they work perfectly fine.
My guess is there’s something wrong with PC’s Disk settings or the something happened to the Drive format but I’m no expert…
what else can I try?
What seems to be the problem?

Hi DanDan87,

Since you have checked the drive in your ASUS laptop and it worked fine. It seems that the USB port is not working fine. You can check the port by connecting any flash drive to it.