HELP - My Book Live Duo not accessable any more

Hello everybody!
I am really screwed - 20 years worth of photography are on my My Book Live Duo which was set on Raid 1. And now hard drive A seems to be defective making strange noises, and the enclosure itself is not accessable anymore just showing a yellow light in front of the enclosure. I did not manage to get a Connection via Network or USB. Just seems to be unaccessable. Tried with both hard drives on, and also removed the defective hard drive A. No luck.

Already tried different other things: just hooked hard drive B up to my Windows 10 Computer where I installed Linux Reader 4.0.23. The hard drive is visible as “Linux Ext Volume 1”, where some date can be accessed - but no photo files visible there.

There are also two Raid disks visible, myBookLiveDuo:2 and :3. But they are not accessable, saying RAID is damaged but recovery is possible.

Can somebody help me?? PLEASE?? I am really screwed otherwise…

Thank you so much and stay healthy!




I had a similar situation and am currently working through it. In my case I think the controller went bad and screwed the drives up too. I cannot see the MBLD on the network at all.

The files are hardware encrypted so putting the drives into a disk caddy and connecting it to a USB port will not work. You will get files but they will be encrypted.

You need to connect one of your drives directly to a SATA port tied to the motherboard of your computer.

Then use Disk Internals Linux Recovery (Free Download).

Have it read the drive and it will attempt to recover all files - you can filter it to the specific file types you are looking for.

Only drawback I see so far for this method is that the files are given random names and the directory structure is not maintained. Maybe if you upgrade to the pro version it will preserve this information for you.

Right now my main concern is to preserve my data even if I have to sort through it manually (mainly family photos).

If I have to deal with manually fixing the files so be it BUT I do plan on trying to use the Metadata in the files and programmatically rename them to the original filename.

You have two shots to recover your data you can use either the A or B drive since you had a Raid 1 set-up.

Good luck!