Cannot access My Book Live Duo

I have 5 My Book Live Duos (Raid-1), one of them is not accessible anymore since a few days. The IP access says “Page not found”. The tool on the CD also only finds 4 of the 5 devices. Also WD Quick does not show disk 5. I assume that the firmware is corrupt but the disks are still ok. What can I do?

Hi peterat,

You can reset My Book Live to its default value and access it on computer.

Thanks, but I tried several resets, server did not restart. I took out a disk and saved the data via a Linux box. This is really strange, I may have to throw away a server which has no physical damage, just some corrupted file system.

@peterat , can you detail how you were able to remove a disk and save data via a Linux box? We have an Ubuntu system and connected a MBLD drive with a USB to SATA cable, no joy. Wondering if we need to get some sort of SATA dock (power issue possibly)? How were you able to get around the hardware encryption to view and copy files off the drive? Our MBLD is bricked after a power failure with solid yellow LED. We are having a heck of a time figuring out how to get our data back from either drive (RAID 1). Thanks for any help!

Hi flygirl,

My story ended with about 80% of the data lost forever. Around 20% could be rescued with the Linux box. Since that I lost my faith into the Raid-1 WD concept and do regular saves in addition to the Raid-1. I think it was a power failure problem.

I had the Linux-box approach done by a third party expert in my town who finally charged me only a small amount because of the limited result. So there are many experts around who take out the drives from your WD Duo and try to rescue the data. Just google like I did in my town.

Good luck, Peter

Thanks for the update, peterat. That’s what I was afraid of. We’re trying a couple more things with our Linux box but I’m worried when we finally see the drives the hardware encryption will get us. What a horrible design! Glad you were able to salvage at least some of the data!