WD MY Book Live Duo recovery data manually -file system

Hi everyone

1)It is possible to recovery data from “WD MY Book Live Duo” by opening the device, take the hard disk, connecting them using another device (from sata to usb) read the data from hard disk by using personal pc?

2)Which file system is used for raid1 configluration?

3)Can I be quiet when all my photos are inside “WD MY Book Live Duo” switched off and in a safety place?

Buongiorno a tutti. 

1)Desideravo sapere se è possibile in caso di rottura del driver di “WD MY Book Live Duo” aprire il dispositivo estrarre gli hard disk e trammite un altro dispositivo (adattatore from sata to usb) leggere i dati dagli hardisk.

2)Quale file sustem usa il dispositivo quando viene impostato sul raid 1?

  1. Posso dormire tranquillo sapendo che le foto di una vita sono salvate sul dispositivo “WD MY Book Live Duo” impostato con raid 1 e spento in un angolo protetto di casa mia?

Ringrazio anticipatamente per la collaborazione.

  1. You would need a linux based system to mount the volumns

2.  Ext3 (i think)

3.  Not sure what you mean?

It is possible to connect directly the “WD MY Book Live Duo” to the PC just with lan cable without router or hub?
It is necessary a crossover lan cable or work also with normal lan cable?
Thanks a lot

Yes, I belive you can hook it up directly to PC via ethernet, however both devices would need to be on the same subnet (which it does so by default) for access.