MyBook Live Duo - Data intact, enclosure failing, recover options?

Hi Eveyone,

After many years of dependability, my MyBook Live Duo 2/4TB has begun to degrade.
Configured in RAID1 (2TB mirror), it seems that the Network Controller is dying, as it works in a degraded state for a while before finally just going to sleep.

I won’t get into what happened to my back ups, but in a nutshell, a recent move resulted in the loss of many items.

I have about 500GB of personal files that i need to recover. When it starts up, and i can connect, i can get anywhere from 100MB to 1GB of data off before it dies again, and this takes about 2 hours or more.

I have tried pulling the disks and using a USB drive connector to Win10 and can browse the disk(s) using DiskInternals Linux Reader, but do not see my files. It appears as if the files are stored in a database or something.

Since the disks are still good, it there a tool for me to pull the data? any tips to get my files?

Other notes:

  1. I have tried a direct connect to a PC by setting a static IP on the MBLD. Problem persists. Tried both a Win10 and a Win7 box.
  2. Placing the unit in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes does result in improved performance for about 10 minutes.
  3. I tried placing a fan under the MBLD blowing up through the case, this did not assist.

Thanks ahead of time.


You could refer to the following link: