Help! Just want to connect my laptop to mycloud mirror for backup

I want to use the mirror just as a simple redundant drive array via usb. I’ve hooked it up as shown and the mycloud appears as a drive but i can’t manually copy my laptop c drive. On the dashboard thru the browser link, i created an account but when you clik on usb devices icon up top it is not showing any like it’s not recognizing my laptop is plugged into the mycloud.
I’m very new at this, would appreciate any help, THANYOU1

The My Cloud Mirror is a network drive. The USB, on the backside of it, is not for connecting a laptop to. It’s for adding external usb drives to it to either back it up, or extend it’s drive space. As a matter of fact, I don’t know how you could connect a laptop to it through that USB port.

Can i use the mirror with just my laptop and the internet wireless router? I actually can’t plug the ethernet cable into the router, its too far away from the laptop. I’m not on a lan, just the internet. All i wanted to do was to have a redundant back-up solution up because my external seagate drive failed with everything on it. This is what best buy sold me.

First of all, if you have internet connection on your laptop without connecting by cable to the router, then you are already on your network. The My Cloud Mirror, is meant to be connected to the router with an ethernet cable. You would then access the My Cloud Mirror through the router.

You would backup your data to what it is called shares on the My Cloud Mirror. There are pre-existing public shares already setup on the drive, but they will be accessible to anyone on your network. If you want your shares private to you, you will have to go into the My Cloud Mirror dashboard and create private shares with permissions only for you. There is a learning curve for all this.

If this is a little too much for you, you may want to consider just purchasing an external hard drive that connects directly to your laptop where you can either copy and paste, or use a backup software to back up your data.

There are are pros and cons to using RAID drives, which the My Cloud Mirror drive is. However, for redundancy, the best thing to use is multiple drives, where you never have a single point of failure. So even if you are backing up to the My Cloud Mirror, you should make sure you always have at least 2 copies on separate drives of your most critical data. I have at least three.

Most people who use network drives, do so because multiple computers/laptops can access them at the same time, and they can be used to serve up multimedia files - whether movies/videos, music, or photos. It’s up to you if you want to keep the drive. I’m posting a link to page full of instruction videos on how to set up our My Cloud drives. Though the drives are not all the same, their dashboards are similar enough that you can learn from the videos and knowledge base articles.

How to set up a My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) device using the Dashboard