WD My Cloud Mirror backup question

Dear all,

I would like to ask you about an issue I have with setting up the my cloud mirror for backups.
Previously I owned a 3TB WD My book Live and a 3TB WD My Cloud which I had connected to my network.
Last week I purchased also a 12TB WD My Cloud mirror drive in order to just have 1 device for my data.

On the 12TB WD My Cloud, I have disabled raid to use the full 12 TB for data. I splitted the drive in 3 shares and made 1 common user for all shares:

  • Share 1 (user quota on 3TB, the share is to be backed up).
  • Share 2 (user quota on 3TB, the share is to be backed up).
  • Share 3 (remaining space, for irrelevant bulk data with no backup behind)

Idea was to use the 12TB disk as my ‘main’ NAS and use the other 2 disks for backups (use one disk to backup share 1 and use the other to backup share 2). Then I can store those two 3TB disks in some offsite location and just bring them back once every few weeks to do a full backup again.

However, on the WD My Cloud Mirror I see no option anymore to setup a ‘safe point’ as I could on the other 2 NAS disks (is there a way to get this great and easy functionality back on the WD my cloud mirror?).

USB Backup will not work either for me because the WD Live Book has no USB.
I don’t want to use the cloud backup due to the large amount of data and I want to keep all ´in-house´.

Setting up a ‘remote backup’ on the WD My Cloud Mirror is also not ideal because the My Book Live does not seem to support SSH. And whatever I tried setting up on the WD Mycloud Mirror in the ‘Remote Backup’ it cannot connect to the WD My Cloud, eventhough on both devices SSH is enabled (I followed the manual there). (Error: Remote Backup cannot proceed due to an SSH access failure. Remote Backup cannot proceed due to a failed RSYNC Test).

Off course I could always do a manual copy over the computer or use some 3rd party software to manage the backups, but I really liked the ‘safe point’ feature that copied it directly over the network without any issues.

Anyone of you perhaps has some great ideas or suggestions, I am open to everything.

Thank you for reading, your support and best regards,



The My Cloud Mirror does not support Safepoints backups. I recommend you post this in the Ideas section.

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Hello Hamlet,

Thank you for your reply. I figured it didn’t had that feature anymore. Any other suggestions perhaps on how I could manage this backup-situation effectively? From my perspective, I see no other options then to use 3rd party tools like FreeFileSync or PureSync to get the job done.

Best regards, John.