Free Standing My Cloud

I am interested in using My Cloud Storage not physically attached to my main server or router. The sales person I talked with assured me that it could be done. Is this true? Thanks.

You can attach a MyCloud Mirror directly to a computer via Ethernet cable (if the computer has an Ethernet port). It’s normally only done for testing and perhaps initial population though, which doesn’t sound like your usage case here.

What exactly are you trying to do, and which specific drive (to confirm you are thinking of a MyCloud Mirror) as there are drives available that do connect by USB and may be a better option.

Note also that the USB ports on the MCM are for expansion only and cannot be used to connect the drive to a computer.

Thanks - I have 2 macs and a PC. Only the Mac desktop has an ethernet port. My dream is to be able to put wireless storage in my basement, and use it to backup and store files from all of these computers. I currently have a NetGear Range Max router and discovered that I can set it up and just run it off the cable/ethernet remotely and am also planning to move it out of my office.

Can I just attach the My Cloud directly to the router after I set it up? I am thinking of a My Cloud mirror for the wireless capability, but I also have 3 HDs from an old PC that I would like to slip into a storage device if there is one with enough slots.

My overall goal to to get the wires and router out from under my desk to a more stable (and dust free) location.

Any ideas appreciated.

The MyCloud Mirror doesn’t have any wireless capability itself. It’s just a two-bay NAS box that will connect to your router via Ethernet cable, and is then accessible to your network (via Ethernet or wifi) through the router.

The MCM comes with two drives, and it has two USB ports on the back that can be used to connect up additional USB drives to expand the storage on offer. There are no spare bays in the box itself to add additional drives, although you can of course swap out the existing drives for other ones if you so desire.

I think you maybe need to look again at the range of products that WD offers, as I’m not sure your choice is the best from what you describe. If you already have drives, then maybe an MyCloud EX4 could possibly be a better option (a 4-bay system which you can buy without any drives and populate yourself).