Backup MyCloud to MyCloud Mirror

I have a 3TB MyCloud and a 6TB MyCloud Mirror can I backup the 3TB MyCloud to my MyCloud Mirror…would I use the USB or go through the Network (they are both on the same Network)
I am using Sierra and already using Time Machine to backup my MacBook and iMac
Sorry if this sounds like a simple request but can’t find anything on this! Many thanks anyone

You do not use the USB port, rather the backup is performed across the local network provided both My Cloud units are on the same local network. Access the single bay/single drive My Cloud Dashboard > Backup (or Safepoint) menu option to configure the backup of a single bay/single drive My Cloud to the My Cloud Mirror.

See the My Cloud Dashboard Help for more information on how to setup a Backup (or Safepoint).

Many thanks for your prompt response, I have tried that but…
I have entered the IP Adddress but it’s asking for an email address/Password of the MyCoud Mirror
Also what on earth is the SSH username and Password
Not very computer literate I’m afraid :slight_smile:

The following two WD Support/Knowledge Base documents may be of use:

Further more help on how to use the My Cloud can be found at the WD Support site.

It needs the login information that you use to access the Mirror normally as it needs to log into the drive to do the backup.

Hi Bennor & Wullailhut, many thanks I have, I think, sorted this now and my 3TB (called WDMyCloud-I) is backing up to MyMirror and all seems well…checked MyMirror and in ‘Shares’ it’s showing a folder called WDMyCloud-I and this is what I called the Remote Backup Job so presume all is well…fingers crossed! :slight_smile: - Many thanks again