Help - How to stream to Apple TV?

I would like to stream music from my WD Live to my Apple TV.

I do n ot understand how the itunes server functions.  I have it turned on and it does show up under network shares on the itunes installed on my various PCs.  But is there any way to get it to play on my Apple TV?

Even if there is no wirect way to do it - bypassing a PC entirely, how can I do it with a PC as intermediary?  I would like it to show up on my Apple TV as a shared music collection belonging to a particular PC on the network.  I can’t understand how to do this.

To the best of my knoweldge - Apple TV can only stream from an iTunes library on a Mac or PC that has an iTunes Library - as well has having the Home Sharing feature turned on in iTunes on that Mac or PC.  I think the 2nd question you are asking is whether Apple TV will see the shared iTunes server of the MBL via the Mac or PC on which home sharing is enabled - and I believe the answer is NO - Apple TV will only see the local iTunes library of the Mac or PC on which home sharing is enabled.

Any Mac or PC with iTunes installed - should be able to see the shared iTunes server from the MBL and be able to play the MBL’s music from iTunes on the local PC.

Slight correction to my previous post - in which I was trying to state that with the Apple TV on it’s own - will not see the shared iTunes server - but it will see the iTunes libraries of any PC or Mac that has home sharing enabled provided you have enabled home sharing on the Apple TV device.

If you go to any of those PCs or Macs and open iTunes - you should see the MBL’s shared server listed under Shared.  Near the bottom right of the iTunes screen - you should see an upright triangle inside a box - click on this triangle to select the output speakers to use for subsequent playback - you would then select the Apple TV device as the speaker output.  Anything you play from this point on from this local iTunes - whether audio or video should now use the display and speakers on the TV connected to the Apple TV - regardless of whether the content is coming from the local iTunes library or from the MBL iTunes server.

This should work for any PC/Mac on the local network with iTunes - but I believe only one local PC/Mac can control the output to the Apple TV device at a time.

You have to initiate the playback from an iTunes enabled PC or Mac - you can’t initiate playback directly from the Apple TV device via the Apple TV’s remote.

I just verified that my last suggestion does in-fact work.  You will be able to see the MBL iTunes server on a Mac or PC iTunes - where you can select content from the shared MBL iTunes server and play it through the Apple TV - and also be able to control the playback - to some extent - via the Apple TV remote.  In order to see the Apple TV device show up in iTunes as a remote output device you will need to be sure that Air Play is enabled on the Apple TV - as that is what makes the upright triangle inside the box appear on the lower right of the iTunes screen.  I believe that enabling home sharing is not entirely necessary.  You enable Air Play using the Apple TV remote and you will see it in the Configuration/Settings sub menu of the Apple TV main screen.


Wouldn’t it be also possible to take the shared library on the WDLive and add it as a “local library” to the PC in question?  If the WDlive is mapped as a network drive that should work, no?  This way it can be controlled directly via the Apple TV and I wouldn’t have to change the output selection on the PC in question.

Do you think WD will offer some sort of firmware update so the itunes server could work directly with Apple TV.  Why go through a PC if it’s possible to avoid this?

It u want to stream content to aTV u need to make jailbreak and install xmbc.