MBL and AppleTV?

Has anybody used the MBL with the new Apple TV?  My hope in getting the MBL was that I could leave my computers off but with the MBL active on the network, be able to access music at least through the Apple TV.  So far the ATV doesn’t show the network name for my MBL under “Computers”.  Perhaps this isn’t within the capabilites of iTunes Server?  Music library is in the Shared Music folder, All Media is set to share.

Any thoughts?

My understanding is that the appliance-based iTunes Servers won’t stream right to an ATV, except for APPLE’S servers.

From what I’ve read, you have to have your computer running acting as a middle-man to do that.

But, I don’t have an ATV, so all of that is just rumor.  :)

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I have the same problem, or issue. I really wished that the AppleTV would be able to see the Itunes library. The way AppleTV works is that is looks for devices on the Home Sharing portion of Itunes. If WD makes it an option to log into your Itunes account from the drive (such as Mionet) then it would work. I have also contacted Apple for ‘feedback’ that this would be a great option to have so that you wouldnt have to keep your Mac on all the time. That really would make it an even better product for WD if it could do that. I know that myself, would greatly benefit along with others that currently have AppleTV.

For now, I just boot up my Xbox360 to access all the files, but would be a great option so I could add soemthing like that to my parents network along with AppleTV, and be done with it. Adding the Xbox360 or other compatible DLNA device might be too overwhelming for them. AppleTV is easy simple to use and they get that.

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I also contacted Twonky to see if they can update the Twonky software to be able to do this function. I suggest other people put pressure on Western Digital and Twonky (because WD uses the Twonky software) to allow this to happen. If it did, would open up some opportunities for others in family to purchase more WD drives to compliment their AppleTV set up. They dont want to have to purchase an XBOX or PS3 with the folder structure is confusing to non game console users.

It’s APPLE you need to talk to.    They’re using a proprietary protocol to stream to ATV.   

NO ONE will be able to do that until APPLE makes the spec public, which is unlikely to happen, because then Apple loses control of the device.

I agree with you. But if you put pressure on all parties involved, im sure that would be good also. Especially since Twonky has the built in Itunes server, so they got rights to that portion of it already, incorporating the home networking sharing portion could be down the road.

The iTunes server isn’t built-in to Twonky.    It’s a totally different system.

Tony, Thanks for the quick response. Who handles the Itunes server function? 

Im trying to understand it all. I know Andriod can beam to AppleTV, according to Twonky web site, waiting for that function for IOS devices to be able to do that and they state “coming soon” when I spoke with them.