HDMI to component / HDMI to DVI-D

Hi all,

I need some help! 

Is it technically possible to connect the WD TV HD to either a Component or DVI-D input on a TV using HDMI converter cables?

As we all know, the WD TV HD only gives 2 options for output, HDMI or composite.

My problem is, I don’t have a HDMI port on my TV.

My TV capable can accept Component or DVI-D but I haven’t had any luck using a HDMI - Component converter cable nor a HDMI - DVI converter cable. My TV won’t detect the WD TV HD signal in either case.

I emailed WD Tech Support about this issue who said WD does not support HDMI to DVI conversion nor does it recommend using HDMI to DVI converter cables.

I’ve scoured the boards here and have seen some people talk of cutting 2mm of plastic off of HDMI cables however I assume this is a solution for those who already have a  HDMI port on their TV.

I have no HDMI ports on my TV and don’t want to resort to having to use composite because the whole point of this unit is that its HD! And composite won’t give me that clear picture that I could be achieving with either DVI-D or Component.

Has anyone got their unit to convert to DVI-D or Component successfully? If so how?

Any other help would be great.

Thanks all in advance,


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If you have the WD TV Live Plus, you shouldn’t have any issues.  If you have the WD TV Live, it won’t work.  It’s not supported.  You’ll need to use composite or component.

And what about the WD TV HD as per the subject of this post?

Oh sorry.  I was referring to the WD TV HD, not the Live.  No, you can’t do it.