Will the TV Play work with a HDMI to Component cable converter?

No HDMI on my Tv and I got this WDTV Play for Xmass. I bought a HDMI to component converter and tried connecting it but it’s a no go?

This should work in theory.

The resolution will be lesser but you should still get the signal

You could try testing with a different adapter.

John tks for you’re reply…I did some more research and found out I can’t use the HDMI to Component cable it has to be a CONVERTER BOX…

I ordered one and after I try it out I’ll let everyone know if it worked

Why don´t you use composite

The WDTV Play only supports HDMI or COMPOSITE (Yellow/Red/White) 

(No COMPONENT Video Output … Green/Blue/Red )

You should have read the User Manual before shelling out $$$ on a HDMI to Component Converters



as foetus said use Composite if your TV has no HDMI  (But picture quality will be Standard Definition 480i/576i)

Want High Definition ? 

Buy a FULL 1080p HD TV with HDMI…


if your Old TV has Component Video input … buy a Live / Live Streaming or Live Hub which support Component Video Output which is 720p/1080i