WDTV Live Media Player....all HDMI ports broken on TV

All of the HDMI ports are now broken on my player and the player only has an HDMI output. I’d like to enjoy my WDTV Live in the short run and doubt that I’d notice a huge loss in functionality being that my TV is only 720p anyways.

Can I get an HDMI to component cable and just plug it into the back of the TV?

Someone warned about HDCP issues doing that.

I just need 720p.

Can someone help?


There’s no such thing as an HDMI to component cable – HDMI is digital and component is analog. You’d have to have an HDMI converter that outputs component, but such a device is probably as expensive as a new WDTV.

The other option you have is to use the Composite output; the cable for that was included with the WD TV.

Thanks…was able to fix one hdmi port.