HDMI audio - no sound

Im using a WDTV for several months connecting to my TV using a composite cable.

This week I changed my TV and wanted to use a HDMI cable. The video works perfect, but I get no audio from the TV.

I get NO audio for all kinds of files (mp3,…).

I tried the 4 HDMI ports on the TV and none of them work. (note: the HDMI ports on the TV work fine with other devices).

I tried to change the HDMI cable for a better one. Nothing changed.

I tested already with “stereo” setting and also with “digital” setting on WDTV. Nothing changed.

I ve made several restarts, software restarts, umplugged the device, switch several times from coposite to HDMI and from HDMI to composite. Always the same. Coposite OK, HDMI no sound.

I also tried to upgrade the firmware to try to seek any changes. Im now using the latest official firmware (1.03.01).

I seek on the internet and there are some references from people with the same problem, but never a solution!

I dont have any more ideas.

Any other ideas?

Can you try it on another TV with HDMI? That should at least prove its the WD and not the TV which has the issue.

i have the same issue here as well. HDMi video ok (says 480p) though no audio (neither stereo or digital). I have denon 1610 am which digests dts and all other formats. via toslink it is ok…but would like to do it via HDMI to try to get TrueHD and better dts soundtracks. 

I’ ve tested on another TV and I also got from a friend another box to try on my tv. Both tests failed. I already contact WD and I’m going to replace my failure unit.

Thanks for you help

gorila22, please note that DTS audio won’t work on WDTV. It’s not a problem. It’s a feature. See other posts related to this issue.

I am also getting the same problem. .mkv files are playing with good video quality but no audio.

WD Team has to look in to this issue ? pls help

The WD TV HD multimedia plays MKV files however all my MKV files do not play with audio – in fact the device displays (Audio Channel 1 Unsupported) – So is their a way to select the approrpiate audio channel?

Your file might have DTS, it is not supported by this device, I suggest to convert your audio from DTS to AC3, there are some good freewares programs. Please advice.

I have hooked mine up with HDMI to the TV or projector and the optical to the receiver and I have never had a problem with Audio.  I do have the audio issue when I hook it up straight via HDMI for audio and video.  But I think the stuff sounds better through optical connections.

Unhook the hdmi cable from your units. Make sure your units are turned off then hook up the hdmi cable and turn your units back on. You should have audio with this precedure. Sometimes it takes a couple tries for it to work,

6 tries and still no sound with the hdmi cable

well at least i can return it and get my money back the unit is only 1 week old


Anyone had problems with audio over HDMI?  What about uncompressed multichannel WAV over HDMI? (i.e. not DTS or Dolby etc…) Anyone have that working yet?

I have had my WD HD TV box (Gen 1) for about 9 months.  It was working fine passing both audio and video via HDMI to my home theater receiver (HTR).  Suddenly, 2 days ago, the audio stopped working.

Checked multiple files…all the same result…video works fine, no sound.  Tried VOB files and MKV’s.  These same files worked fine last week.

Have a Gen 1 HD TV box, connected via HDMI to an Onkyo TX-SR-605 HTR.  The HTR is then connected via HDMI to my LCD TV.  The HTR works fine with the Time-Warner cable box connected via HDMI.  I even tried swapping the HDMI inputs to the HTR (connected the WD HD TV box to the HDMI input that the cable box was connected to) so I know it’s not the HTR.  I tried a new and tested HDMI cable.  No positive results.  The HTR displays “No signal” when playing files from the WD HD TV box.

I ensured the audio was set to digital.  Ensured the HTR was not muted.  Re-booted several times (more than 5).

I’m stumped  Huh  Huh  Huh

Anybody have any ideas?

DTS sound   my wd live tv plays dts sound just fine my hdtv sound does not like dts but my onkyo home theater system loves dts.and it plays great