Happy with your cloud?

Might be worth having a thread for people whoa are happy with theirs, starting with me :smileyvery-happy:

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Me too, extremely happy with it, does everything that I want it to. It’s the main media server for my home, and backs up both my PC and my wife’s laptop seamlessly and invisibly.

Having said that, one needs to be a bit tech savvy to make full use of it, and as I’ve said several times, patience and care in setting it up pays dividends. The latest firmware is one to steer clear of though!

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I agree not the easiest thing to work with and kind of dependent on your hardware you own router switches etc.  I also think people need to be realistic about transfer speeds, its not a directly connected USB 3 HDD.

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The device works a treat BUT I have a DroidTV ATV400 , I get buffering issues when playing large mkv blu ray copies.

I have trid everything and I know its not the MyClouds fault here as I can stream a 45GB BD from the mycloud using my laptop.

For me it seems the DroidTV is the problem.

Nope… it is not mature.

Once it connects to my network it kills my dsl router (reproducable). Never had problems with my router.

No reaction from service so far…

I’ve spent countless hours trying to get it to run.

I’ve already regretted buying this device.

Can you please elaborate on “patience and care in setting it up”? 

All good so far since January.

Upgraded to V4 before the bad reports started coming in.

If I had waited a few days, I might not have gone up to v4.

Still at V4, no new problems, no new fixes.

I am behind two routers.

I go in by using  SFTP (part of  SSH i believe) into my Mac from the outside.

It is called Remote Login on the Mac.

The Mac is then connected by AFP to the Mycloud.

Just regular File Sharing. Nothing Special. Mounts as a drive on the desktop. Works like a drive.

Stays in this configuration 24/7.

No disconnects ever that I have noticed.

Maybe it disconnects and then reconnects when I am not looking. Sleep is turned off.

No DHCP on the router for this or other IP addresses.

I do not use the WD REMOTE ACCESS at all. It is turned off.

I have FTP turned on and it is the alternate route if the mac goes down.

Some here have said that the FTP version in the WD is more secure than regular FTP.

Maybe I should be using that, but this gives me access  (by SFTP) to all my drives as well as this one, and THEN if something goes wrong at home (kids) , I still have an alternate plan (FTP).

I use a VERY long ( 15 or so characters) password, behind two routers with their firewalls turned on.

Some of the problems people have is the router and system configurations. They can get confusing at times.

I talk by phone to another person at another location when trouble shooting.

I change a setting, and they respond if it is working or not.

Just ONE setting wrong on the router or computer and there is no access.

Using gigabit switch and router to communicate with rest of system.

I do not need to use the media services of the router. I use it just for remote file sharing.

It is basically ignored and used about every day, several times a day.

So far it has always been there.

That said, I put nothing on there that is not already somewhere else. I don’t trust ANY drive.

  As my current pair of 3 TB My Book network drives were getting full, I needed to get something with a bit more space and the idea of it being my own personal cloud was very appealing, so after much apprehension over the newness and shear size of the unit I decided to go for it and bought a pair of 6 TB  My Clouds. So far with the v3 firmware and static settings I have transferred over 4.5 TB to one and a little over 3 TB to the other with no problems, takes a while depending on the source drive, PC and network you have, from my older My Books on a gigabit network was about 16 hours for each. So far I can stream to my tablet anywhere in the house, to my droid cell phone over 3G and to my PC at work using VLC, so I have to say, it works as advertised… So yes, I am happy with it…

  Not happy with the firmware updates from WD, but I have been dealing with this issue since my first WD Live Media Player and WD My Book 3TB network drive from four years back. Seems every other release breaks more things than it fixes, so I have turned off auto update and check the WD forum for known issues, then when confident, I update my devices manually. Mind you, not really blaming WD, I realize its not an easy thing given that no two computers or networks are the same…


If I had known it was so full of annoying bugs … such as remote access going crazy at every firmware update and when the wind blows I would have never had got one … the whole purpose of a cloud drive is remote access, but its so unreliable its not worth the effort.