Problem with MyCloud setup

Hello, I have MyCloud 4tb, with which I have a lot of problems:

  1. I have no idea how to setup it (of course setting up with manual don’t works). For now after 2 days of reading forums, tests etc i can connect via Android app from out of my home.
  2. Access to MyCloud is also possible from my home network - but for example is working all day, and later suddenly stop working and I can’t connect.
  3. My TVs finding MyCloud as dlna (from time to time, i don’t know why), but there are no files (in twonky setup i also don’t see any files, but i can choose folders etc). Twonky setup is also working from time to time.
  4. Also I was trying to update firmware, but it’s impossible because after uploading firmware to MyCloud V2xx, it’s staying at “upgrading” 0% and nothing happened.

UPDATE: 1 hour ago i was trying to connect via Android app and it was working. Now i get error “Network connection failure 905”. I have no idea what is the reason, because MyCloud connected with static ip.

@krycha00 Tell us more about your network, what devices and OS’s are you using, what type of Modem and Router do you have or is it a combined Modem/Router? How long have you owned your My Cloud?

Setting it up should be easy and once you create an account and set everything in the Dashboard as you want it, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Visit the Learning Center and watch some of the videos.

System Windows 7 64bit, modem/router Tp-Link TL-WR840N. All configuration i uploaded here.!
I’m using MyCloud from about two years, from time to time, mostly as DLNA to watch movies on tv.

I think I know what is the reason of all problems - I can’t change accessibility to shared folders on MyCloud. All folders have public access. If I try to change folder from public to not public, i disable public option, going to second folder, changing public to disable, but after come back to first one it’s still public. It’s happening with all folders, doesn’t matter from user etc.
In my opinion there is a problem in software.
Also, all problems are connected. Attached photo of what I see after login to cloud.

on cloud there is something about 1tb of data, but everywhere I see 0mb. It seems that software doesn’t see what is on hdd.

PS. After many days spent on “fighting” with MyCloud setup, I can say that if I compare this product and software to for example other companies, WD is years behind them. It’s very sad because MyCloud wasn’t cheap product.

Dear WD support - after 2 weeks I still don’t have answer.

Please note that this is mostly a user to user support forum WD Support generally rarely interacts with users here. If you need WD Support one can contact them directly:

If possible try configuring the My cloud using a desktop/laptop computer rather than a mobile device. It is possible the mobile browser may be introducing issues. And disable all browser add-on’s as it’s possible a browser add-on could be interfering with how the My Cloud Dashboard works.

Generally one does not see the full TB size of a hard drive due to how actual hard drive size is computed. As such while one may buy a 4TB hard drive in reality they will see approximately what you see.for free space on a My Cloud that doesn’t have any data stored on it.

If possible don’t set a static IP within the My Cloud Dashboard. Rather access your router’s administration page and assign an IP address to the My Cloud. This way you shouldn’t run into issues with the My Cloud and another network device trying to share the same IP address.

When it comes to remote access. Depending on one’s broadband provider one may have to set remote access/cloud access to manual in the My Cloud Dashboard and use alternate port numbers (like 8080 and 4443) rather than the default ports. If one uses the manual option they will also have to setup port forwarding within their router for the two ports and point the port forwarding to the My Cloud. And sometimes one has to disable then re-enable remote access/cloud access in the My Cloud Dashboard to get remote access to work.

Have you made any changes to the firmware of the My Cloud? Like adding any unofficial modules? Made any changes using SSH on the My Cloud?

Dumb question but are you accessing the My Cloud Dashboard using the Dashboard admin account?

I suppose one could attempt to reflash the current firmware to see if that clears the issue. One can download the latest firmware on the WD Support site.

Have you made any changes to the firmware of the My Cloud?
Like adding any unofficial modules?
Made any changes using SSH on the My Cloud?

All of your helps above doesn’t help. DHCP,ports etc.
Now i have also other problems:

  1. I can’t upgrade firmware from official wd site (firmware is downloading, and during upgrading is still 0%).
  2. I can’t disable cloud service (i click off on cloud service, had info “are you sure?” or something like this, than i have still cloud service on). The same problem is with many other setups: from shared folders (it’s impossible to setup shares to the users - for example i’m setting folder “A” as public, than after 5s it’s still private, and opposite, i’m setting private to the user, and it’s impossiblle because it’s still public).
  3. I can’t add/remove user - always getting “Error unknown”.

Also, please let me know how should i setup Mycloud to see it as a drive in my home network? In one day i see it, in other day i see but cant access, in other i see and can access, but i can save anything because i get message “no access, no permission” or something like that. It’s like a rollercoaster. Very anoying.

I can’t use WD Mycloud anymore because it’s useless with this software. I don’t know is this only problem with recertified products (which is mine), or also with normal products.

Any help from WD will be usefull.

As previously indicated this is primarily a user to user support forum. WD rarely monitors these subforums. If you want actual WD Support help you can contact them directly.

Can you post screen shots/screen captures of the exact error messages you are seeing?

If you haven’t done so already, as a troubleshooting step perform a 40 second reset to reset the My Cloud to default values (no user data is lost) and set the unit up scratch.

As another troubleshooting step, use a computer web browser to access the My Cloud Dashboard if possible rather than a mobile device web browser.

It is often better to not set a static IP address in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section. Rather access the network router and assign or reserve the My Cloud IP address in the router’s DHCP server section. This avoids the My Cloud possibly having an IP address conflict with another device on the local network. When assigning an IP address via the router one would set Network Mode in the My Cloud Dashboard Settings to DHCP.

For local network access to the My Cloud one does not need to use any WD Software. Instead one generally uses Windows File Explorer, Mac Finder or a file manager app on their mobile device.

For remote access to the My Cloud, it can be flaky at times, especially if your broadband provider is restricting access to the inbound ports the default remote access settings on the My Cloud uses. One can change Remote Access to Manual in the My Cloud Dashboard then use alternate ports (like 8080 and 4443). Then one would need to configure port forwarding within their router the My Cloud is attached to so the new ports are passed to the My Cloud.