<Guide> Enable remote access to Dashboard (video)

Hi guys,

Here is a video tutorial for those who want remote access to the dashboard of the EX2.


PS: this is not my video, but i believe it will answer many questions.

Followed similar instructions previously but just refollowed them based on the video and still receiving the same issue.  When I log in to th EX2 via the WAN IP it claims I have zero cloud devices, turns off cloud service with error “Connected (Relay connection established).  Cannot establish remote access connection. Make sure you are connected to the internet.”, and I can’t create shares or add / remove users.  

I have created two cases with support due to this issue - as my first one was closed with no response given - and still not received a reply.  Anyone know what could be causing this issue and how to fix it? 

yes, i have the same issue. I gues it’s a firmware bug. Only from accesing via internet i have this behavior, but when i access from the same LAN, all is good.

I hope they will fix this in the MOST expected new firmware…that seems to take quite long.

Cheers for the reply.  While it’s annoying that I have been unable to fix it, it’s at least good to know it’s not just me who is having trouble with it.  Strangely after creating a new support case my first one’s status has been changed back to open - hopefully a sign that support are looking into.  Will post updates here if I receive any reply.