Guest isolation query Cisco Meraki MR18 router

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I am interesting to buy wd mycloud 3tb nas (WDBCTL0030HWT-EESN). I have some issues that I would like to know before purchasing

I am on a ship and I want to be able to share files and folders with my fellow shipmates using the WD 3 TB NAS unit. An existing wifi connection is present linking all users.

With reference to Answer ID 9489, a company managed Cisco Meraki MR18 wifi router allows clients to access internet. However, the unit prevents guest to guest communications (guest isolation enabled). Please note we have NO access to the configuration of the router nor is it allowed.
If I buy the product, can I use the setup and configure the WD storage unit for NAS using a plug wireless AP connection LAN device without the router blocking access? FTP? mycloud? SSH options? possible?
Your thoughts on the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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If you use the search icon, top right of page to the left of your avatar and the menu icon and search for what you are looking for you should find a prior topic on this same question.

This was found doing a Google search.

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