GRAID 4TB with Thunderbolt not seen by software

Hi guys,
New to G-RAID.

I got hold of a G-RAID chassis with 2 x 2TB in it. I put 2 x 6TB (WD Red)
The G-RAID software is installed and restarted.
But it will not see the device for me to work on the RAID.

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 14.51.54

Screenshot 2020-04-14 at 14.52.00

This is what I get. However I can see the drives in disk utility

Any help will be appreciated.


Does the chassis appear with the two 2TB disks in it?

You may have the wrong configator tool. There are a few different ones. Does the g-raid have thunderbolt? You can try here or in the answer here

I have has more success raiding on PC but that is just my experience. Best of luck.

Thank you a bunch.
I eventually got a work around. I used the RAID config from apple’s disk utility.

But looking at your links it would of helped too. Appreciated.