G-RAID with Thunderbolt 2 - Data loss risk?

Hello everyone,

I’m a novice with Raid systems. I’ve bought a G-RAID with Thunderbolt 2. I’m a bit uneasy and not sure if it’s all working as it should as I’m setting this up myself.

To make it worst, the G Technology Assistant shows the slot 2 greyed out. I suppose this is not normal?

Can someone guide me? Many thanks.

The G-Tech Assistant isn’t necessary for this device and it won’t read what you have properly on a newer OS.

The G-RAID out of the box is a RAID0 device. If you wish to change it to RAID1 for mirroring you will need to use our RAID configurator and then erase the drive so that it is usable.

I have indeed used the configurator to make the GRaid a raid 1. So much so the disk is a 16TB (2x8tb) and it appears as a single 8TB in the Finder.
My concern was that the raid wasn’t working properly, since Slot 2 all wars it’s greyed out in the Assistant.


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That is correct, the Assistant can’t read the controller so it will show the 2nd disc like that.

And that’s ok for a Raid 1?

Pedro Portela