G-RAID NOT MOUNTING. It's Visible in System Configuration but nothing else


My 8TB G-Raid drive is showing up only in System configuration. It isn’t visible in my devices, or in ■■■■ utility on my Late 2015 iMac.

EDIT: After scouring forums I realized that the issue was that I had the drive plugged into the power supply for my g-drive 4tb which is less powerful, so the computer knew it was there, but couldn’t fully power it.


Good deal, glad to hear you got it going.


Visible in in system. But not coming up on my desk top. Tried both Thunderbolt & USB.
Says its there in disk utility but only 104.9 MB. not 2 x 4Gb drives.
I cannot First Aid it. I cannot Erase it.
Im using an I-Mac 27" Reitna late 2015.



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