Give Plex acces in browser


I want to set up a Plex media server on my Macbook and use the WD NAS for storing my files. While setting it up and adding my files (in my browser), i had to give Plex acces to the WD NAS. Accidentally i clicked no, so it is not allowed to have acces to my files.
Of course i will allow Plex to have this acces. But it don’t ask it again, because the NAS think i won’t give Plex acces.
How can i let the WD NAS forget Plex and ask for allowing the acces again?



What’s wrong with twonky? WDMyCloudImage

Never tried. I like the Plex Apple TV App so i hope for a solution for that.

Here is a suggestion. First, map the My Cloud Share(s) that you want Plex to use as it’s media library to your computer.

Then add those shares to their respective Libraries in Plex by select Manage Library, then Edit, then Add Folders, then Browse for Media Folder. From there you should be able to search for and add the mapped My Cloud Shares.

Or as the prior poster indicated one could just use the My Cloud embedded DLNA media player and a DLNA client on their devices. Most smartTV’s and similar devices have either a DLNA client that is included or that can be added that will browse the local network for DLNA media servers and stream media content from them.

Edit to add: Also note that if the Plex server is installed on a computer that uses WiFi to connect to the My Cloud and to the device that will stream media you may run into buffering issues while streaming media. The cause is the streaming from the My Cloud then to the TV or other device potentially saturating the computer’s WiFi connection. If possible, it is best to use Gigabit Ethernet connections on all devices, particularly the My Cloud and the computer running the Plex server.


Do you own a My Cloud like I showed in my first reply?

If you own a My Cloud Home you may want to look at this.
Western Digital My Cloud Home | Plex Support

@cat0w yes i do. I will look at it. Thanks!

@Bannor Thanks for your reply. I’ll try the different options you mentioned later this week and let you know.

@cat0w i have a MyCloud, no MyCloud Home