Getting an RMA

How does one get an RMA? I have been dancing around in an endless WD Support maze with no answers. I have called the support line and no answers. I get general info but can’t get an RMA. Anyone have a clue? Thanks

@trekboy1 Have you tried here? If you have not registered then you will need to.

Yes. That’s why I entered the Forum. On that site I get the deep pit with no solutions. Thanks for answering.

@trekboy1 Are you saying this will not work after you sign into the Support Portal?


Exactly. I click on Create and get a page of instructions for proper packaging etc., but no way to get the RMA. The whole site plus the phone support is a never ending loop with no resolution to the problem. I set up a support case and hope to get a reply at some point. Thanks for your attempt at getting me to the correct area but I’ve tried all of that already. Maybe we’ll work it our together eventually. Take care.