Anybody has the same problem: not able to create an RMA?

I have problems creating an RMA for one of my disks, the page I get redirected to is showing me only general information about creating an RMA, but is not challenging for further information. Getting back to support, costs some more days, since they vcannot accept my creditcard over the phone and my address registartion takes hours…

Is there any other solution, or am I missing something on the site?

@moorboss Is this where you have been trying, you may have to sign in first with your support email and password.

Thnx for your answer. No I have logged in on the support portal selected my disk and slected the start RMA proces button. But it is not showing me anything afterwards, only some general statements about the RMA process.

@moorboss Below are images of what I see after I sign into the Support Portal. This is for my 1st generation My Cloud that is no longer under warranty. I have a different sign in for my 2nd generation My cloud.


After clicking on RMA>Create I see this. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Thanks for the eloboration, the problem that I have, is that I don’t see the products below the grey banner. The products however are in my support environement, but for saome reason (they are still in waranty period) not in this environement shown.

I’m having this same issue. Did you ever find a resolution or did you just call?

they updated the server, every account needs its region reset…submit a ticket…