Gen 1 Mycloud Mirror transferring files from Android to Windows - Post WD Shutdown Jan 2022

Hello Everybody,
With the upcoming changes to these “Legacy Devices” (funny how legacy devices are < 6 years old) that will disable our Gen 1 mycloud mirrors and Gen 2 in 4 more years) - I have a few questions.

  1. Will it be possible to still transfer photos from an Android Phone to MyCloudMirror after “they” stop the mycloud service in Jan 2022 without using a paid service e.g. WD2go ? If so how - what settings do I change in mycloudmirror, is there already a manual?

  2. Assuming #1 is possible. Will it be possible to setup external access capability to the MyCloudMirror files, e.g. using port the router.

  3. Will WDsync still work, since it uses apps & wd software. If not, is there a working alternative that can read the MyCloudMirror.

I just want my product to continue to work the way I use it currently, and it appears that even simply copying files from my phone to the my cloud mirror will be broken (since the phone app will not work). I turned off the cloud service under setting and files will not transfer (when my phone is within and using my network).
Thank you,

  1. Yes, provided both devices (phone and MyCloud) are on the same local network, this functionality will be the same as before.
  2. Not easily. You may be able to this with a VPN and local port forwarding setup.
  3. Never used this functionality, so maybe someone else can help.

It’s not going to work the way it has before. It’s pretty much a local storage hard drive now.