G-Speed Shuttle XL not seen on Mac Pro running Big Sur Beta 11

I’m running macOS Big Sur (Beta 11) on a Mac Pro (Late 2013). I have a G-Speed Shuttle XL 24GB connected to it via Thunderbolt 2.

I’m not able to see it either in finder or in Disk Utility.

When I open System Information, I do see it, as connected, under Thunderbolt. When I unplug & plug the thunderbolt cable, it disappears & reappears when I reload System Information.

I’ve tried reinstalling the latest G-Speed Studio Software Utility I could find on the website (v200520010).

BTW I noticed that the drive was listed as ‘G-Speed Studio XL’ in System Information, but it IS a G-Speed Shuttle XL. Could this be the problem?? I couldn’t find a G-Speed Shuttle Software Utility on the site.

Any ideas??? Any help would be appreciated.


Did you get any resolution to the issue? I think I am facing the same problem.