G-Speed Studio XL not showing up on new MacMini 2020 with M1

Hi there,

Searching for solution that my MacMini M1 on OSX Big Sur, not seeing my Studio XL device connected directly to MacMini. (Using Apple original adapter Thunderbolt to Type C)

  1. I’ve installed latest software and drivers.
  2. It’s shows up only in system report page under Hardware/Thunderbolt tab. (see screenshot)
  3. It not shows up on Disk Utility.
  4. Also checked for software/firmware update, but G-Speed studio Utility gives feedback, that everything is up to date.
  5. G-SPEED is working perfectly on my Mac Book Pro, so I can confirm that my G-Speed Studio XL is in perfect condition and I have no issues using it with my MacBook Pro.


P.S. If there is similar topic about this issue, please forward me there. Forum search with that kind of problem gives me no results. Maybe wrong keywords :slight_smile:


I have the same problem with the Shuttle XL TB3 ev. I opened a ticket and I hope they will find a solution for that problem.

You will also find a thread at Macrumors about this topic.


I few day’s ago I had a phone conversation with my local G-Speed distributor and he told me that G-Speed support team working on driver and it should be ready this month.
It’s December and this is total “holiday” month so I guess that we will need to wait a little bit more than this month, but we should not be mad on them :slight_smile: They are working on it and that’s already is a victory :slight_smile:

Keep waiting for driver!

Merry X-mas to all You guys!!! Be safe! Be strong!

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Thanks for the update. I hope that this will not be the K.O. for my Mac Mini with M1.

Merry X-mas to all from germany


Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

Anyone have some update in this case?

My G-Speed Shuttle now works on my M1 MacBook Pro using the new Promise driver! Hooray!

Download from here -


All the drivers are the same I think (R_MacDrv_V6_2_16).

Follow the instructions for installing - which includes lowering boot security to load non-Apple extension and it will work. My RAID now works as before. Thank you Promise Tech!


Yes, now it works!

Thanks Promise Tech team!