G-SPEED Shuttle SSD VS SanDisk Professional G-RAID Shuttle SSD

Hi Folks,

as mentioned obove, does somebody know why the Product G-SPEED Shuttle SSD was replaced into SanDisk Professional G-RAID Shuttle SSD?

Ist it only because G-Tech has been taken over by Sandisk? Or what else are the differences (I cant find out!)?

2nd Question:
Does somebody know wheather the “old” G-SPEED Shuttle SSD works with windows 11 (DRIVERS!)??

3rd Question:
Does somebody know how to get the case open? For cleaning purposes.
I have opend the 4 Screews on the side of the case but I cant open it!
(If Sandisk/G-Tech would make the fan blow in the case it would be possible to place a filter, just as a tipp for the manufacturer)

Hi @Homer1,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: