HELP! G speed es Pro controller card missing or stolen.!

Hi all, Due to a recent office move I am left with a G Speed es Pro without the ATTO ExpressSAS R680 adaptor card - The PC (HP Z800 Windows 64bit) has been lost in transit (possibly stolen)
I just want to see the data on the drive and need to know if I can buy a lower cost compatible controller card just to view the files and copy them to another destination. (I’m 99% sure it was RAID 5)
I don’t care about using the drive again for real time video editing (as was its use) but just want to view and move the files from the drive to elsewhere. I can rebuild video libraries etc another time.
Please can somebody be a hero?

Maybe somebody in North West England has the same unit I could try my drives in? Happy to pay
Thanks in hope, Chris :):exploding_head:

You 100% need an ATTO r680 to be able to mount and use the device. The card itself is what handles the RAID. Without it, it won’t mount and show content.

OK, thanks very much. C