G-raid thunderbolt recognized but not connected - Windows


I have this issue with my G-raid thunderbolt. It works well connected to the macbook but when I connected it to my new laptop it detects it but the G-raid does not connect.
I choose the option “Always connect” but it shows again not connected, like in the printscreen I uploaded.
I reinstalled the drivers, the thunderbolt drivers for windows and the g-raid drivers, but this did not solve my problem.
In the print screen, the G-raid is connected through a dock but even if I connect it directly to the laptop I have the same problem.
I also cannot see the g-raid in disk management.

Did anyone of you had this problem? Windows recognises the drive but it won’t connect for usage. How could I solve it?

No drivers are needed for this device on Windows.

The issue is due to the device being a software RAID device if it is the original G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt and no USB port.

This means it uses a Mac only software RAID and it cannot be read on Windows.

If it is a more recent version of our G-RAIDs and has USB as well as Thunderbolt then you need to remove the Mac format from the drive and format it for Windows or exFAT in order to be universal.

Thanks, Rydia!
Yes, it is the first G-RAID with Thunderbolt. It works very well connected to my Macbook but I really need to make it work connected to my new laptop.
So, from what I understand, there’s no way to make it work with Windows?
Is there no Windows RAID software for G-RAID?

There is, but each software RAID solution is limited to only that OS. The Mac one only reads on a Mac and the Windows RAID only works on Windows.

I have the same problem. But I changed from Mac to Windows. Where can I get the raid software for windows and how to do the installation?

Hello Rydia, is there any way to possibly format it from mac software raid to windows