G-Raid 20Tb - Device not Found

I recently bought a 20Tb Drive (Twin 10s) with Thunderbolt 3. Installed and configured as Raid 0. Copied over 2Tb of data without a problem. Ran perfectly. Went on holiday for a couple of weeks and iMac and MacBook have autoupdated to Catalina 10.15.7 and now the drive no longer works.
Attempts to use the configurator tool result in a message “No devices found”. Apples Disk Utility cannot find it either. You can hear the drives spin up after powering on, a few clicks a whirs and then it just sits there softly vibrating. The software update may just be a red herring and the drive may have failed. But I’m open to suggestions and help. And yes I did try a new cable today too.

You could reinstall the software driver that came with your device. Or you to

to get the software. The OSX update could have deleted the drivers.

You can check under “System Reports”, “USB” or “Thunderbolt” to see if the device is list under there.