G Drives making strange noise

I have two G Drives I bought at the same time, one is a master and one is a backup. Both drives are mirrored via Carbon Copy Cloner about once a week. First the master drive started making a lot of noise, more so than normal when I would work off of it, and would cause lagging on the system. It makes a ton of noise for about 15-20 min, then goes back to normal for about 15-20 min or until I stop using the drive.

Here is a video of the actual sounds https://vimeo.com/249988818/85aacad624

I switched to the backup only to find the same exact problem. So what exactly is the issue? Are both drives failing, is there a corrupt file somewhere, how do I diagnose and solve the issue?

Any help would be appreciated

The page is down so I can’t verify. Usually the noise from a drive like these is due to mechanics and if the drive is still working is no indication of failure but if you are experiencing slow down with the device after it begins then it could be related.

Does it make noise from the moment you turn it on or does it take some time to begin? Are you attaching the drive via USB or Thunderbolt?

If it is hampering performance and causing noise issues then we would suggest replacement under warranty.

You can create an RMA for replacement on our site here: RMA

I updated the link (https://vimeo.com/249988818/85aacad624), It does make the noise for a minute or two when turned on then goes normal. It only makes this noise under load. Drive is connected via USB3. The reason I am confused is that both drives make the same noise, the back-up drive was not making the noise before the last clone. So my fear is by cloning to a third drive it will result in the same noise again.

Those are standard drive noises actually. Some drives are just louder than others. Due to the way the case is designed for airflow it allows for a bit more of the drive sound to come out and its more obvious than some other drives you’ll find out there in the market that are seemingly completely enclosed.

I have used gdrives just like this for over 10 years. Never once has one been this loud of made that amount of noise, I ended up transfering everything to another gdrive, same style and the sound went away, and the hard drive is much quicker to work off of. So I am guessing there is something wrong with these two.