G-Drive USB 10TB clunk clunk clunk clunk

I bought a new G-Drive USB 10TB from Amazon UK a few weeks ago. Tried it with 2 Macs and various cables including the cable that came with the drive - it made an incessant loud clunk noise every two seconds. Returned it. Got another today from Amazon - exactly same clunk clunk clunk noise. Is that simply the noise that this drive makes or have I been really unlucky and received two that are about to die?

The 10TB drives are Helium and they do have a heath check built into them, also they can be louder than other drives but not always. Some are just more noticeable than others. It is not indicative of failure.

Thanks for replying, The drive, and the already returned one, make normal hard drive sounds while writing and reading. It’s when idle that they make a ceaseless whirr… loud clunk… whirr… loud clunk… whirr… loud clunk… noise repeating every two seconds approximately. I’ll need to return the drive and try other brands because the endless loud clunking (not just ticking or clicking) is unbearable and unlike any of the countless drives I’ve used over the years.

I am in exactly the same position as owenr was. I have two 10GB drives in my room right now. The seller sent the second one to me as he thought the first one was defective, from my description of it’s behaviour. Both chatter and clunk incessantly, unless there is some reading or writing going on. The second one is marginally quieter than the first. I can’t live with either.

Do you have an 8GB model that will not make this sound?

Hi Owen, did you find a solution? What drive do you have now?

Glad to see I am not alone in this. I have a new 6TB drive and it’s constant noise. Hard to imagine it’s not failing. I’ve had many other g-drives thru the years only up to 4TB. They’ve never been noisy like this. Hopefully I can still return this one! It’s helpful to know it’s normal but who can work with a constant noisy drive?

I bought mine yesterday (Dec 30th, 2019) and is also makes these clunk, clunk, clunk sounds every second - even when idle and doing nothing. Drives me crazy after only one day. Is there a solution how to fix that? Maybe a firmware update or something?

best, Daniel

Same problem with my 6TB Thunderbolt 3. working sound every 3-4 seconds even if the disk is not performing operations