New 6TB drive is much louder than older 4TB


Good day!

I have 2 4TB drives that I’ve bought last year, and I just received new 6TB drive, all from the same line of G-Drive G1. New drive makes loud clicking noises when writing the data, while old drives are almost silent.

Since I am using the drive for critical backups, tell me please if that is normal behaviour or did I get a faulty 6TB drive?


Did you ever get a response to this? I’m having the same issue. Constant noise even when not processing anything.


I just responded to your response in another thread, usually if a drive is noisy and problematic it already has failed.


Thanks Rydia- I suppose I need to send it back to G-Tech?


Wherever you purchased it from if it is still within the return period. If it is beyond that then you create an RMA on our site if it is a failed drive. RMA creation


Thanks Rydia. Will do. It has not failed but I am afraid it will with this noisy operation. I will offload all of the material to a new drive and go from there. Thanks for your help. I own at least a dozen G-drives and have never had this issue. Perhaps I will stick to 4GB and under?


i recently Purchased the G-Drive with thunderbolt 2 - 6 Tb
and i hear a loud noise and the needle is always making a movement (Clicking )
the Drive is empty i didn’t put anything on it
and there is any activity assigned for it
and at first when i connected it to my IMac 2017 - 27" with a Thunderbolt 3 Converter it caused the computer to restart before it loading the operating system
i need your help PLEASE


Do you mean you have a G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt 2? we never released a TB2 equiped G-Drive.

That being said if you’re getting clicking noises from the drive it is likely a faulty unit. If it is still within the return period we would suggest sending/taking it back for a replacement.

If it is beyond the return period you can generate an RMA on our site for a replacement: RMA creation


No, my device is G-Drive 6 TB, and it’s Clicking every 30 seconds in idle mode with no read and write