G-Drive USB formatted as EXFAT cannot be mounted in Mac OS High Sierra


I have a 10TB G-Drive USB (not USB-C) harddisk and I have formatted it to ExFAT via a Window 7 PC.
It works fine with the PC.
I later on bought a new mac book pro with touch bar with macOS High Sierra 10.13.3,
and found out that the G-drive is not mountable by the mac book.

I can find the hark disk in disk utility with the correct name but the harddisk name is greyed and do not allow me to mount it. First-aid was done and it was fine.
The hard disk is not corrupted as I can still use it with PC.

If it helps, I am using an adaptor to convert the usb 3.0 cable to usb-C for the macbook.

I would like to know how to solve the issue as I need the harddisk to be used in both PC and Mac, so I need it to be ExFAT.

Thank you very much!


In some cases exFat formatted drives won’t mount on the Mac OS due to slight corruptions that it feels prevent it from mounting. You can either run a repair on the drive on Windows or use a terminal command on Mac to rebuild the directory.

On Mac in the terminal you can do the following:

sudo fsck_exfat -d disk*s*

Replace * with the drive numbers as shown in disk utility.
When it prompts: Main boot region needs to be updated. Yes/No? Type yes.