WD not mounting on Mac after improper ejection

I have two computers a PC and a Macbook Air. I use a 1TB WD ext hard drive formatted ExFAT so I can use it on both computers. One day my girlfriend was watching a movie on our Macbook from the WD drive and accidentally unplugged it. Now the drive won’t mount on the Macbook. Disk utility repair says it has errors it can’t fix.

The drive still works(with errors) when we plug it into the PC. I decided to move our files to another ext. HD so I can wipe and reformat the damaged drive.

The new drive I bought is a Toshiba 2TB External. The old WD drive has about 900gb used so I figured we could add more space to our drive by getting a 2TB.

I can’t migrate the files using my Mac disk utility because the WD disk won’t mount. I figure my best chance to save my files is using the PC.

I have never made a clone using a PC before but after reading some forums downloaded EaseUS Todo. I set it up to clone but is just calculating. After an hour I decided it wasn’t going to work.

How can I save my files for the WD HD and put them on the Toshiba? I can drag one file at a time but I neither have the time or the patience for that. And when I tried to drag really large files it quits trying to transfer with no error or explanation.

The WD drive is the home of a multitude of media files plus I recently migrated my iphoto library to it to free up space on my macbook as I have recently been taking a lot of video. I need to find a way to get these files to a safe place. I can run the files on my PC so I should be able to salvage them right?

I will also add that although I can play the files on the PC laptop, it is insisting that it needs reformatting.  And now that I have looked closely, it appears that my iPhoto libraries contents are not visible on the PC.  I’m worry that they are gon forever.  What can I do?

Hi, I have just had the same thing happen to me! I was wondering if you had resolved the issue? 

My Passport Ultra will not mount. How can I fix this? Can anyone help?