Solution Needed! for switching G-Drive between Win,Mac OS

To Whom this may concern,
I am a new G-Drive owner and I have both windows and Mac. I want to move files from another external hard drive that are Mac compatible to the G-Drive for installation on my Mac. The problem is when plugging the external G-Drive into my pc it does not recognize the drive and I found out I must format the drive to be used on a pc and to my guess I must format it again to use it with Mac again and this defeats what I am trying to accomplish so I really must know is there another way around this?

You can format the drive once as an exFAT drive and it will work on both Mac and Windows.

Format a drive for exFAT

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Thank you so much I’m going to look over this procedure now because I’m curious as to if you need do this process on Mac or Windows?

Either or, that link shows you both ways. Once it is done once it will work on both systems.

You can also use an app called Paragon on your PC (or another similar program) that will read Mac formatted drives on the PC. No need for formatting.