G-Drive not recognized

My G-Drive is formatted for both Windows and Mac … but not recognized under Windows …

I too am encountering a similar problem. I had 3 g-drives connected to my Windows10 machine. I move apartments, and now only 1 of the 3 are visible. I have tried using the g-drive format wizard, and it ‘seems’ to process the drive, but then NOTHING. Both of the g-drives remain invisible to my Windows machine. There has to be someone who can recommend a solution. HELP./

I am now encountering the problem with a second g-drive. A 10TB drive. Is this a problem for others too? I am guessing that the ZERO REPLIES from anyone at WD that they don’t really care. There has to be a way to determine if these drives are encountering a hardware issue or a software issue.

I still have two other G-drives connected to my machine and they are running fine. But this has raised the question as to the reliability of the product. I don’t care if they are fast, if they continually FAIL, then the drives are WORTHLESS.

My last post was March 12th. Today is April 4th. Let us see if anyone form WD even cares about the community.