Mac and pc recognition problem


I just got my G-drive Usb 4tb yesterday, and can provide serial number if needed. I have macbook pro 2015 and pc as well. In my mac, gdrive usb is recognized by “system information” only but not by disk utility or anywhere else in mac. What must I do?

In my pc, it is recognized as usb device, however, again I don’t see it anywhere else and can’t access the device, see it or add/remove any files from it. For pc, I also used Getechnology y-format wizard, however, it is still giving me same result.

I am not planning to return it since it is recognized at least, and don’ t think it is hardware problem.


G-Tech drives are all set up out of the box for Mac only. So in order for it to be usable on a Windows PC you have to go through the process of removing the Mac partition and re-initializing the drive.

Here are instructions for Windows 10: Windows 10 formatting