G Drive is not Recognized in My Computer

When I click my computer in Windows 10 my 6tb USB G Drive doesn’t show. When I go into computer management device manager it shows
G-DRIVE USB USB Device but I can’t get it to work. Is there a way to get it working?

This is due to all G-Technology drives being formatted for use on a Mac only out of the box.

One of our top FAQs is the format for Windows process: Format G-Technology drive for Windows

What if we only want to read it in windows? The new HD comes with a HFS+ to be installed inside it but it doesn’t work.
I noticed it too late and used a installed version from the website, after uninstalling it and reinstalling from the HD it do not recognize the NTFS partition. Shouldn’t it be working?

I have done the same process and can’t access to the files on my G drive mobile ssd 500GB.

  1. The G drive has been used on MAC for two years.

  2. HFS + for Windows by Paragon has been installed on my windows laptop. (vaio)

  3. It seems being connected, but volume shows no alphabet and file system is blank. (not showing NTFS or other file system such as FAT32 and EXFAT)

  4. Only the task allows to the G drive is deleting the volume.

How can I make it work on windows laptop ? I wish to keep accessing the existing files on MAC as before. (I can still access files on MAC now)