G-Drive Formatting Issues and Support Problems!

I got a swanky new G-Drive 4tb USB 3.0 for Christmas this year only to discover that it wasn’t formatted for NTFS and thus not appearing on My Computer or My Desktop. Simple fix right?? Follow the instructions for formatting to Windows provided and BOOM you’re golden.

Not So Much.

I followed the instructions and the device took all of the 29th to the 31st formatting before stopping and staying in RAW. So that was stressful to say the least and still my primary concern is getting this thing formatted so I can use it on my video projects.

BUT, I just got off the phone with G-Technology support. And to say I was on the phone at all is generous. I contacted the 1-888 number and after selecting G-Drive support (1 option) I was hung up on. I contacted the 1 - 310 number, and after selecting technical support (2 option) the machine said I was incorrect and then hung up on me. I literally just want help formatting my drive!!

Hopefully someone here can help me.


Our support number was down due to an outage yesterday so I apologize that you had an issue getting assistance.

We have a number of ways you can do the formatting. We have an FAQ on our page or you can use our Windows formatting software we have here: G-Technology Windows Format Wizard

Thanks for getting back to me!
Support got back to me, and I followed their instructions (Cleaning +
reformatting) but unfortunately the reformatting start about 30 hours ago
so I’m back where I began. (And now, one support number simply redirects
me to the other and that one just describes G-Technologies in English and
Spanish and then it hangs up??)
I’m running the Format Wizard you provided now! Thank you!

Okay, same day, new problem.

I’m not sure why you’re running into so many issues other than it possibly being a defective drive.

Right click on the disk 1 section and select Initialize. Select GPT and click OK.

Right click the unallocated space and select new simple volume. Click next all the way through the wizard leaving all defaults and click finish. The format process should take 10-20 seconds at most. If it doesn’t finish or remains RAW then you need to take the drive back for a replacement.

I took the drive in and got a replacement. Got the new one in and now I’m running into the same issues! I follow all the steps for quick formatting, and then it never takes. it has to be me right??

I also got this during cleaning could this be having an effect?

Yes, it should not be timing out. How do you have this drive attached to your computer? Are you using a hub or an adapter? Always try to attach external drives directly to the system, especially during configuration/setup.

If on a desktop system make sure the drive is attached to the rear of the system.

Kind of shocking how hard it is to get Support from G-Drive. Your site goes to WD but they don’t support your products. Your phone number says you are still closed till 1PM East Coast time (Realllllllly?) There’s no support contact form or email alias either.

I am having similar issues. My Wizard is crashing upon start in Windows 10. I have another exact same drive it works fine the wizard ran fine when I installed it.