resolved_G DRIVE new 1TB failed format


Hello! ( sorry my English)
I bought yesterday 1TB 7200 rpm in Adorama NY to backup my photos and videos.
I opened today the disk utility to format in exfat,
but I did a mystake: I selected the sub folder G DRIVE !!
The Formatting failed!
I opened the disk utility again,
Its show correctly the gdrive model but with no name in sub folder, and showing no free space.

what should I do now?

Now if I click - erase - button to format , bellow format ( exfat ) option
disk utility show a third option - scheme - ??
in scheme:

  • guid partition map
  • master boot record
  • apple partition map

I need choice one of this options, or first try do something in the sub folder?

I followed the steps in this link bellow, that was not show the drive and sub folder… one of reasons for my mistake :frowning:

To resolve, I just follow the manual :wink:


Hi Ancorart,

Maybe you should try contacting G-Tech’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact G-Tech for Technical Support