G-Drive 4TB Thuderbolt 3 Runs Very Hot


I just purchased a G-Drive 4TB Thunderbolt 3 external HDD and it runs very hot. I can feel the heat from 12-15 inches away from the enclosure. I am using this HDD on my 2017 MacBook Pro to edit video at rates up to 4k/30. This HDD is also very loud when conducting read/write operations. Never had a HDD that clicks this loud. Anyone else using the 4TB Thunderbolt 3 G-Drive and experiencing the same characteristics ?


The way the drives are designed now offer airflow cooling so they will run warmer than the previous generation of drives but still within their specs. Do you have any warnings or temperature readings about the drive?

The noise of the drives can be different from drive to drive, some might be louder than others and you will definitely hear them going if working on 4K footage, but it is not indicative of failure.


No warnings. It just runs hot. I called G-Technology and customer support said the drive is rated to 60c. Wow!


the same symptoms) looks like very hot, about 60-70 C temperature


Today I’ve got a record of temperature G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 - 67 C (look screen of iStat)! Is it normal when I’m using it with project for Final Cut pro X?


It is quite possible to hit those ranges, depending on environment and under heavy load like video editing. Make sure there is proper air flow in front and behind the drive.