G-drive USB 4TB temperature too hot?

My new G-Drive USB 4TB is reaching temperatures of 59C when working, 53-54 C when idle. Ambient temperature is 38C. I am very concerned, this is the second drive, same model, I have used with very similar temps. I’ve got 4 other drives and none of them go this high. Is this normal for this specific model, are this temperatures safe for it? I was expecting this drive to be max at around 48, no special reason, just thought this brand had it figured out how to run cooler.
Should I be worried? I do video editing, so far I have used this particular drive for the sole purpose of backing-up data.

Thank you everyone.

Hello Shikai,

With the design of the G-DRIVE USB it will run a bit hotter than the previous G-DRIVE design but we changed the way the cooling works. It now is based on airflow so make sure the front and back are not obstructed. However 59C is within the specs of operating temperature.

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Thank you very much, this makes me feel more comfortable working with my new drive. Last days I have noticed the drive is not as hot as it used to be. I don’t know if it had to “settle” first, but it’s great.

Once again, thank you very much, Rydia.